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Are you a hard bloggin' scientist?

The question comes to mind reading first blog posts from the summer school "Digitization and its Impact on Society".


Did you know the first manifest for a "hard bloggin' scientist"? Here it is:


I am a hard bloggin’ scientist.

This means in particular:
1. I believe that science is about freedom of speech.
2. I can identify myself with the science I do.
3. I am able to communicate my thoughts and ideas to the public.
4. I use a blog as a research tool. That means in particular, that I
 - express my thoughts,
 - get in contact with others,
 - have a sketch of my process online,
 - get feedback and new ideas from others.
5. I trust myself.
6. I surf a lot and I read a lot.
7. I blog once in a day/week/month.
8. I give comments once in a day/week/month on other blogs.
9. I am self-aware and critical.
10. I refer to the people who done the work first.
11. I give love and respect to the people.


I am a hard bloggin' scientist. Read the Manifesto.


Do you?

1 Kommentar(e)

  • RalfLippold
    01.10.2013 09:12
    I love Social Networking, Blogging & Tweeting Especially

    Many thanks! I describe myself as an economist on blogs & social networks, action researching while acting within the system. is my main blog on economic & entrepreneurial design